We make fleets safe,
secure and efficient.

We make fleets safe,
secure and efficient.

There are many reasons to track your fleet.

Prevent theft. Improve safety. Increase revenue. Reduce fuel costs. Eliminate moonlighting. Always have proof-of-work. Simplify maintenance scheduling. Indelible vehicle and driver records. Always know where your drivers are. Comply with federal D.O.T. regulations. Make communication with drivers easier. Eliminate speeding, idling and off-hours usage.

Since 2003,
GPS Police has helped
thousands of companies
in hundreds of ways.
Join us today.

1. Buy.

Choose one of our GPS tracking devices for your vehicles, trailers or equipment. Products and features »

2. Install.

Once installed, activity is automatically reported to our data centre. What you can track »

3. Use.

Sign into our web site to see where your vehicles are and what they have been doing. Send messages to drivers. Receive alerts of important activity. View reports, schedule maintenance—and much more. What you can do »